Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wenzel versus Salmon and Roubini on "Inside Job"

Nouriel Roubini:

I attended the premiere at the NY Film Festival of Inside Job, a documentary on the financial crisis. A must see film!

Felix Salmon:

Just saw Inside Job. Great film. Highly recommended. Go see it.


Matt Damon's Mess

Matt Damon and his writing crew have to be congratulated for attempting to shed some light on the problems of the current banking system and the crooked dealings going on. Unfortunately,they are like the kid that tries real hard in school but misses the big picture and turns in a paper that is mostly wrong, despite the effort.

I speak of the new documentary, Inside Job, that is narrated by Damon.

Somehow $20 million was spent on this film, when it consists of a series of nothing more than a series of news clips and interviews. Yet the depth of the documentary appears to be at the headline level. There is nothing in this documentary that you wouldn't know by, say, reading the headlines of the New York Post...
The documentary gets some of the points right, but it gets a lot wrong, including interviewing Barney Frank and Nouriel Roubini, but not interviewing Ron Paul or Peter Schiff. The master manipulator George Soros is even given face time...
...the documentary is very slanted and not a depiction of what really went down. I'm not sure how aware Damon is of the slant, but the slant makes the facts and theories wrong at key points.

In short, the documentary is a disaster that will give people the wrong impression about what caused the crisis and what the real solutions are.

There is not a word about the business cycle and how it distorts the economy. Not a word about government forcing bank funds into the real estate sector. Amazing. The film has to be viewed as some kind of left-wing propoganda piece. It's worse than Jersey Girl.
Okay, Roubini was in the film, so he has a reason to hype the film, but what's up with The Fish?


  1. just like religion, its often unimaginable for "mainstream-reading" people to question Mainstream(keynes).

    Unfortunately humans have this urge to explain(console) themselves in anyways possible (mostly fed by MSM) to feel intelligent or non-idiotic.

    The last laugh is always with folks at top of the pyramid - the folks that "manage money" for all humans. Thats why i always say "Wall St types are the modern day high priests"....everybody else including the King (.gov) are slaves.

    It takes nothing short of a renaissance to make austrian economics the main stream.

  2. Yeah, I just saw this film tonight. It was a good production, don't get me wrong on that. But I too was wondering why they didn't interview Peter Schiff and Dr. Ron Paul!!! ... This film didn't reveal the root of the problem. It just made scapegoats out of the banks and it will mislead the mainstream audience.