Saturday, November 6, 2010 Shows Us What the Bernanke QE2 World Will Be Like is going to buy for $540 million.

Fortune reports: on Monday will announce that it has agreed to acquire Quidsi, the parent company of websites like and The purchase price is $540 million in cash, with Quidsi's co-founders agreeing to multi-year employment contracts with Amazon (AMZN). The price tag is $200 million over what Quidsi was valued at in its latest round of venture financing.
Does anyone still think QE2 is going to end up as excess reserves, while at the same time commodities are soaring and Amazon signals it is time to start spending crazy sums?

Money is going to be leaking all over the economy. Only salaried workers, pensioners and  other fixed income types will be left high and dry. Of course, salaried workers, pensioners and other fixed income types are the entire middle class and below. It'll be the wheelers and dealers, asset holders and the elite bankers, who will cash in on Bernanke's printing binge.


  1. No offense, but thanks - that really makes this salaried stiff's Saturday evening.

  2. I find it fascinating that Amazon keeps growing while making marketing mistake after marketing mistake.
    Could it be that's position in consumer minds isn't all the products it sells, but that is the way to avoid sales taxes?
    If so, what happens to when every state really takes it to them? Last week in the news it was New York, the week before that it was Texas, the week before that it was North Carolina.