Sunday, November 21, 2010

CEO of the Manufacturer of Naked Scanner Machines Went to India with Obama has learned that Deepak Chopra, Chairman and CEO of OSI Systems (The parent  company of Rapiscan, the makers of the new controversial "naked' scanning machines that the TSA is installing throughout the country's airports), was chosen to accompany President Obama to Mumbai and attended the US India Business Entrepreneurship meeting.

(Note: Deepak Chopra, who is CEO of OSI, is not the same Deepak Chopra that is the mind-body healing guru.)


  1. The Chertoff Group is a member of the U.S. India Business Council. Obama met with USIBC members during his trip:

  2. The Chertoff Group-- "Hands on Says it All"

    Chairman's Circle Member of U.S. India Business Council