Sunday, November 21, 2010

Economist: TSA Screenings will Kill Americans on Highways

The TSA's new perverted pat-downs and cancer-causing body scans are likely to result in more deaths on the highways says Steven Horwitz, a professor of economics at St. Lawrence University.

“Driving is much more dangerous than flying, as you are far more likely to be killed in an automobile accident mile-for-mile than you are in an airplane,” Horwitz told The Hill . Thus, as more and more people chose to avoid the unpleasant options set up by the TSA, they will tend to drive more, which will result in more deaths.

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  1. Of course TSA does not care that we object due to moral and religious ground. NAZIs never cared. This is more than FASCISM it is Nazism/Satanic.

    Well I have news for them GOD is watching and we are already starting to pray. Let me remind everybody several months ago there were 33 miners in a Chilean mine 700 meters (not feet but meters) a rescue like that was unique never done before. Well a lot of people in Chile and around the world started to pray and they came out all alive. The head of the operations André Sougarret was interviewed after the rescue and he did mentioned how the drilling equipment took and unexplainable turn that made it hit the mine tunnel right in the middle.

    Evil forces always start making their move around special dates like Thanksgivings and Christmas. They are so predictable. They usually target old and disable people, women and children. I saw in the internet people in wheelchair getting pad-downed, I saw in the internet a lady with a prosthetic leg asking her to remove her leg. The scan machines are not suitable for disable people, they do not meet the standard (one more reason to make them illegal, I think they target disable people because they probably have a special place in havens and they are envious of them.

    Where is the compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? None---totally violated!!!

    The Chilean rescuers did not just pray they took action and work day and night until they got them all out, with a little help redirecting the drill; we need to do the same. We are lucky, my wife has a titanium hip she will be a perfect target and we will not travel to see our daughter and grandson, but they decided to drive down and stay with us for a week.

    But if you read this comment and you see an old couple that will be lonely during thanksgivings invite them over that day, you can always add some extra plates at the family table.

    God Bless us all during this attack to our values.