Sunday, November 28, 2010

Exclusive: The Document that May Well Determine if Rahm Emanuel Can Run for Mayor of Chicago

A huge controversy is brewing in Chicago over the mayoral candidacy of Rahm Emanuel.

Election attorney Burt Odelson says Emanuel isn’t eligible to run for mayor because he doesn’t meet residency rules. Under Illinois' municipal code, a candidate must be a resident of the city for a year prior to an election. The upcoming election is scheduled for February 22.

Emanuel, the former White House chief of staff, says he meets the standard because he owns a home in Chicago. But, Emanuel was working as President Obama's White House chief of staff until he returned to Chicago only last month to launch his campaign.

But what did Emanuel really think his 'home address' was while he was Chief of Staff for the President? has learned that Emanuel maintained a mail receiving account with a  Mailboxes Etc. store in Washington D.C.

In order to open that account he would have had to fill out, under penalties of perjury, USPS Form 1583.

Line 7A asks for the account holder's home address. So under penalties of perjury, there is one form pre-candidacy that provides Emanuel's thinking on what he considered his home address. Will Emanuel make that document public?


  1. Please. The mail was being forwarded from his home address in Chicago. That is how one gets their mail when they are out of town.

  2. Why "please" me?

    I didn't say one way or the other whether the mailbox would help him or hurt him. I have no idea what he put on the form. It would, though, be interesting to see what he put as his "home address".