Monday, November 29, 2010

Fox Butchering Keynes and Krugman

Fox talking heads must follow economics real closely. Fox anchor, Megyn Kelly, just interviewed Michael Reagan on economic policy.

Kelly just butchered Paul Krugman's name. She pronounced it Krug man rather than the way PK prefers, Kroog man. I wonder if Paul minds?

The economic discussion continued with Reagan mispronouncing Keynesianism. He pronounced the theory Keen sian rather than Kayne sian.


  1. Is it weird that even before I had heard anyone say his name outloud, I always pronounced it Kroogman? Also, I have heard people pronounce Keynesian "key neez ian" and even "key neeshan".

    PS, Megyn Kelly in GQ

  2. Let me be the first to say what we're all thinking.

    I don't care how she mispronounces my name ...


  4. I'm going to be big about this and say I'm willing to forgive her.