Thursday, November 18, 2010

FOX Clueless on Liberty

I don't watch FOX news very often, so I generally am not up on what those characters are doing.

Last night, in the restaurant I was eating at, FOX was on in the background. I was simply shocked to find how clueless the entire crew was about liberty.

There was heavy coverage of the TSA. Ann Coulter was on the O'Reilly Factor and was against TSA naked body scanners and the pervert pat downs, but, get this, called for "Israeli style profiling"  with heavy duty background checks of passengers. O'Reilly himself didn't seem to have a strong opinion.

Next up was Sean Hannity, who was even more aggressive about calling for "Israeli style profiling".

These guys really, really don't have a clue. The debate shouldn't be about what style Big Government intrusion should take place in our lives. It should be out getting government the hell out of our lives.

As Ron Paul and Forbes magazine put it:

The solution to the need for security at US airports is not a government bureaucracy. The solution is to allow the private sector, preferably the airlines themselves, to provide for the security of their property. As a recent article in Forbes magazine eloquently stated, “The airlines have enormous sums of money riding on passenger safety, and the notion that a government bureaucracy has better incentives to provide safe travels than airlines with billions of dollars worth of capital and goodwill on the line strains credibility.”
That Coulter, O'Reilly and Hannity don't have knee-jerk reactions thinking about solutions that the private sector can provide shows you how far these people are from being true advocates of liberty. They are really as stuck in the fog as are the San Francisco city board members who recently attempted to ban Happy Meals (The Mayor vetoed the totalitarian move).

These characters are not about less totalitarian government. They just want to be in charge of designing the chains.


  1. You just hit the nail on the head. And they are not alone. Glenn Beck at least tries. He's still got all handlers, all the time. And he's on a VERY tight leash . . . but he at least tries to grapple with concepts and ideas, even if he's just repeating what he's being told.

    Many of these guys are still part of the 'insider' establishment, and they don't even know it.

  2. More bizarre, on 8-1-10 on Fox Business Network, Judge Napolitano excoriates government secrecy and supports Wikileaks:

    Three days later on Fox News Network, compare O'Reilly and the brilliant Juliet Huddy with Napolitano:

    O'Reilly blames "the far left" for this type of attitude which apparently includes Napolitano: