Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Geithner Face Time with the President and Vice-President

On Thursday morning, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will attend the President’s meeting with Congressional Democratic Leadership at the White House.

In the afternoon, Secretary Geithner will meet with the President and the Vice President at the White House. Something's brewing here. It is rare for Geithner to meet with both the President and Vice-President, usually it's just the President. This looks like the President wants to keep the Vice-President in the loop on something major.
Also, on Thursday morning, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wolin will meet in Brussels with European Commissioner for Internal Markets Michael Barnier on financial reform implementation.  In the afternoon,  Wolin will return to Washington, DC.

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  1. Thank You Mr President.

    Oh and remember Tim, we are all about the "strong Dollar".

    Yes Mr President.