Monday, November 8, 2010

Glenn Beck has a George Soros Puppet (Who is behind all this?)

 The curious Glenn Beck now has a George Soros puppet.

Beck has to be watched very carefully because there are sure to be puppet masters pulling his strings, but when he is on target, he knows how to get the message out to the masses.

Of further note, at the same time Beck is going after Soros, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is doing the same. Ed Lasky reports:

It looks like George Soros will be the target of investigations on his role as a behind the scenes funder. From the current issue of Business Week magazine's cover story on Tom Donohue, head of the US Chamber of Commerce (titled, " Tom Donohue: Obama's Tormenter") comes this snippet:

Donohue announced that the Chamber had been digging into the funding sources of anti-globalization groups that might try to thwart their efforts overseas. "We found that 50 or 60 percent of their money comes from the same person," Donohue said dramatically. He wasn't ready to name names just yet. Instead, he acted like a man with a hand grenade in his pocket who couldn't wait to hurl it. "It's going to be a story," the chamber leader promised. The people sitting around the table seemed baffled. (Later, when asked if he was referring to George Soros, Donohue laughed and said, "That's a pretty good guess.")

I would surmise that the Chamber will be releasing a report soon with their information about George Soros.

He is the major funder of a wide range of leftist 527 groups (MoveOn.Org), influential liberal think tanks (Center for American Progress), left-wing politicians (including Barack Obama) and left--wing media outlets (NPR, Media Matters). But his resume does not stop there (see the long list of groups he funds here). He has had a long running role behind the scenes at the United Nations, and recently upped his game and visibility by "serving" on a United Nations Panel that urged a global Climate Change Tax to fund green energy schemes (he plans to invest one billion dollars-to start- in renewable energy ventures and thus would be a beneficiary of the subsidies and governmental rules that these grossly inefficient ventures need to prosper).

Barack Obama and the Democrats practiced the politics of fear (and xenophobia) when they dreamed up the idea of linking the Chamber's political efforts to foreign funny money (even the New York Times dismissed Obama's charge) and liberals demonized the Koch brothers for their political activism, George Soros and his role as the sugar daddy of the Democrats still receives hardly a mention. Hopefully ,that will change in the days ahead as the chamber releases its report regarding the "one person" funding much of the anti-globalization protests.

The Democratic Party should be ashamed of its close ties to George Soros.
Soros is an evil bastard global control freak, but this sures smells like it is a battle of oligarchs. Beck and the Chamber of Commerce don't by coincidence come up with the same target. This might even be Koch versus Soros. If it is, get your popcorn ready. Below Beck tells O'Reilly about his Soros puppet.


  1. Instead of using all that money to change America, maybe soros should buy Antarctica and invite all the socialists, marxists and communists to come live in Utopian bliss.

  2. Nah, let them (the pinkos and the reds) have California- I'm sure Soros would be willing to buy it from the US government. They could all starve together, and the rest of the country would be off the hook for their enormous debt.

  3. Isn't it an impossibility for Soros - because he is not a banker - to be an oligarch of substance? I always had the feeling he was more akin to a lieutenant.

    In any case, the tip of the iceberg us proletariat have parraded before us conceals a much larger truth.

  4. Lt. Commander Soros.
    Anonymous at 7:08, who are the members of the chiefs of staff? In one seat it looks like we have the Federal Reserve, but could you be so kind as to identify who those other members around the table are?

  5. There's nothing wrong with your internet connections, ladies and gentlemen. These are just two, buffoonish, religio-war-statist-cons attempting to tell America everything they know about politics.

  6. I wouldn't write off the American political system as an complete oligarchy. After all, public opinion does matter and elections aren't complete charades. However, most Americans naively believe the textbook platitudes they're spoon fed in the government-dominated education system. There is a ruling elite the operates independent from public opinion and the rule of law. If you doubt this I present to you TARP and the latest round of "quantitative easing."

  7. I have stated for quite some time, what we are seeing unfold is a proxy war between Soros and Murdoch. The Kochs are a red herring.

  8. Didn't father Koch get his financial start by working with Stalinist Russia. Seems to me that the Koch brothers are to the conservative cause as to what Soros is to the liberal cause. Everybody has to have a sugar daddy.