Friday, November 5, 2010

Will The Gold Hater Use the Memory Hole to Pose as a Life Long Gold Bull?

Even when I try to give Joe "The Gold Hater" Weisenthal  a break, in the end it comes up with confusion from  "The Gold Hater".

Weisenthal ran a pretty decent story about Keith Olbermann being suspended. I picked up the story and gave him full credit. But, he intially ran the story reporting that Olbermann donated to Ron Paul's opponent. Thanks to Michael Rivero at What Really Happened he tipped me of that Olbermann donated to Rand Paul's opponent. I immediately made the necessary corrections and noted my corrections in an Update.

I then went back to the Gold Hater's site to see if he still had Ron Paul listed. I was going to tip him off. To my amazement, it was now reported as Rand Paul, not Ron, but no notice of a correction.

Did I misread the Gold Haters post? No. If you see my clip from the Gold Hater, it was direct from his site. I scraped it. He originally had Ron. Here's Alexa recording the same thing:

Bombshell in the cable news world!
Last night it was reported that Keith Olbermann donated personally to candidates during the election cycle, in contravention of the network's policies.

Here's the announcement from MSNBC.
I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay."
The candidates he donated to include Jack Conway of Kentucky, who ran against Ron Paul
So take note: Gold Hater errors go down the memory hole, real fast. I suspect right now, the Gold Hater is plotting on how to turn himself into a poser as a  lifelong Gold Bull.

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  1. I've commented on both their failure to note corrections and their scraping of stories without attribution.