Monday, November 29, 2010

It Really Pays to Be a Corrupt Afghan Government Official

I mean it really pays. From the Wikileaks data dump:
Afghanistan Vice President Ahmed Zia Massoud was suspected of corruption after he was caught with $52 million in cash while visiting the United Arab Emirates last year.
My big question: What could Massoud possibly control that was worth $52 million in payoff money? Is it looking the other way on major opium shipments out of the country, or something else?



  1. Why does the money have to belong to him? He could've just as easily been a money-mule for some other individual or group, like the CIA. After all, it's a lot easier to smuggle just about anything when you have diplomatic immunity (like, say, a US politician smuggling their dignity past the TSA in a US airport without being subject to a molestation or cancer-zapping).

  2. $52 million in hundreds would weigh 1,092 lbs and take up about 312 cubic feet--that is, six grocery pallets piled four feet high with cash. It would also fill 62 large suitcases.