Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jesse Ventura Body Slams Goldman Sachs

Recently on his television show, Conspiracy Theory, Jesse Ventura took on Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs. There's a bunch of small errors in his report, but the overall theme is right: "Goldman Sachs is doing shady stuff and using the United States government as its private piggy bank."

There's a nice appearance by Ron Paul in the episode.

But Jesse does throw in everything he hears. There's a bizarre mention of a Catholic group Legatus in the report. In July, 2008, someone identifying himself as "Reinhardt" appeared on the Google message board discussing the Dow Jones Industrial Average. "Reinhardt", in July of that year, warned that the stock market would crash because of big negative news that would come out on September 15. Lehman Bros. filed for bankruptcy on Spt 15. He somehow links it to Legatus.  Here's the relevant thread. I don't understand the linkage between the crash and Legatus, or why Legatus would want to crash the market. "Reinhardt" throws out a lot of historical dates without seeming connections, but Spt 15 was a big day among a lot of big days during that time period.

Anyway, here's Jesse chewing up Goldman.

(Thanks to Rick Newbold)


  1. The Catholic Church thing is hilarious. As soon as I say that I thought, what a nice deflection away from a certain other religious group that is very well represented in finance and Wall St.

    Yeah yeah, it's those damn Catholics!

  2. Jesse's series is part of a disinformation campaign, as is the first comment on this thread. The idea is to conflate religous hatred with anti-Wall Street and other perfectly legitimate freedom-oriented, free market ideas in order to discredit them.

    Present the facts about Goldman Sach, then bring up some spurious and bizarre reference to the Catholic church, then have some anonymous comentator say "It's crazy to blame the Catholics... everybody knows it 'da JEWS!!"


    About halfway through this segment of the program is where the Goldman guys start sweating.