Friday, November 5, 2010

Keith Olbermann Suspended Indefinitely for Donating to Rand Paul's Opponent

Bizarre. Keith Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely, without pay, by NBC for donating to the campaign of, among others, the candidate who ran against Rand Paul.

Joe Weisenthal reports:

Bombshell in the cable news world!

Last night it was reported that Keith Olbermann donated personally to candidates during the election cycle, in contravention of the network's policies.

Here's the announcement from MSNBC.

I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay."
The candidates he donated to include Jack Conway of Kentucky, who ran against Rand Paul.

On the House side he gave money to Arizona Reps. Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords.
LOL. Doesn't Olbermann know that in MSM you are supposed to hide your biases in the closet?  You can report with bias, but never let anyone know you actually have a bias.

Weisenthal speculates on what might be going on:

Is it possible that this is the impact of the new Comcast bosses? The other day BIll O'Reilly hinted that, perhaps, Comcast was going to change the far-left bent of the network.

I think Olbermann is a blowhard, but I hate to see anyone censored, suspended or fired for openingly displaying and acting on their views.

UPDATE: I originally posted that Olbermann donated to the opponent of Ron Paul. It was Rand Paul's opponent. Thanks to Michael Rivero at What Really Happened for the correction.


  1. He is a blowhard, and as this country is full of them, I'm sure he'll land on his feet. No use in shedding too many tears.

  2. rand paul. rand paul.

  3. "The candidates he donated to include Jack Conway of Kentucky, who ran against Ron Paul."

    Didn't he run against Rand Paul?

  4. Pretty sure Ron wasn't running in Kentucky.

  5. Shouldn't that be Rand Paul?

  6. This is great news. I can't stand Olberman.

    I hope O'Reilly, Hannity, Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Glenn Beck do something foolish in the future and recieve similar suspensions.