Friday, November 19, 2010

A Kochanack Loves the TSA Groping

Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at the Koch-controlled George Mason University and also the Director of the Koch-controlled Mercatus Center, is all in favor of the TSA options of cancer-causing naked body scans or groping sessions.

He writes (and I really tried hard to get the sense he was joking, but he's not)
Personally, I'm happy to put up with the practices if it means less congestion in the airport security line.
What could really be behind this love fest with government groping? The easy answer is that he is really into this.

But more than likely he is simply making a move to become a bigger Kochanack. You see Geithner has been dissing him and  keeps on inviting him to the Treasury as a blogger, he most assuredly would love to be invited with the real schemers, government apologist economists.


  1. Man, I really can't stand Cowen.

  2. I love the new Amerika! Guilty until proven innocent is the way to live!  Now if the government could only do something about these posts on the internet that decent from what they are telling us I'd be living in havana, uh, I mean heaven.

  3. Cowen was once a principled libertarian. His earlier writing was pretty good in the early 2000's, but he has been corrupted by the Kochtopus and sold out in full.

  4. Of course he loves it! Especially since fewer people will be in his line because, instead of being patriotically violated, they've "opted out" and stayed home.