Thursday, May 26, 2011

Schiff: National Inflation Association is a Fraud

Whoa! Last week,the National Inflation Association put out an email that contained blatant untruths about Peter Schiff.

Schiff is back with guns blazing. Do not mess with Peter Schiff.

Schiff has posted an interview with NIA co-founder George Hemminger, who discloses that he was directed to attack Schiff in videos and documentaries.

Henmminger also disclosed a program whereby investors paid NIA $1,000 to get advance word on stock promotions.  Henmminger stated that on one day they took in $250,000 from the program. It's clear from the interview that Schiff suspects that NIA is somehow getting paid to promote certain stocks. It's also clear from the interview that Jonathan Lebed and Gerard Adams, the current operators behind NIA, are taking in big dollars in ways that Schiff considers fraudulent. This is a must listen to interview.

UPDATE: Sources advise that the SEC and DOJ are actively examining National Inflation Association activities.



  1. George sounds scared.

  2. Peter Schiff should offer George a job.

  3. Schiff got the scoop? Haha, hopefully his radio show continues in this direction: watchdog program destroying corruption everywhere.

  4. George sounds like a coward

  5. I seem to remember George having been fired by NIA.

  6. aaaand off the email list

  7. NIA July 29, 2012 newsletter

    At the $18 high ps range the sell off began.
    Despite investor's at $15, - $18 + ps Synacor suddenly released more shares for sale at $ undercutting it's investors deliberately driving down the ps price to half causing hundreds of investors to lose their initial capital.

    NIA bought under $9. ps
    Pumped to $18.+ ps
    Dumped at the $18.+ ps figure
    Immediately started buying back at $9.50 ps

    Sunday night July 29, 2012, NIA's newsletter:

    "SYNC is the biggest steal in the market at $9.89 and NIA believes smart investors will load up with as many shares as possible below $11. NIA added over 40,000 shares of SYNC to its position on Friday and intends to continue accumulating as many shares of SYNC as possible at the current NIA believes SYNC will see smooth sailing into the $12.50 to $13.50 range.

    SYNC could be trading back at the $12.50 to $13.50 range by mid-week "

    July 10th, 2012
    NIA Newsletter
    SYNC is about to make a massive rally to above its new all time high set this morning of $18. The only reason SYNC dipped in the morning was to fill in yesterday's gap-up in its chart, which has now made SYNC ready for its inevitable breakout above $20.

    NIA believes SYNC's true upside potential for the short-term is $35.57 per share, based on its analysis below.

    And with this NIA proclamation, NIA quietly planned to Dump, and did, 97, 514 shares at a high of apx $18.44 or higher, realizing a cool
    $1, 798,158. while urging investors not to sell.
    NIA newsletter July 26, 2012

    Read below:

    "Synacor (SYNC) investors were greedy at $18 and were fearful after it fell in half to $9. Although NIA wasn't expecting SYNC to dip this low for one final time,"
    "NIA considers itself to be a long-term investor and isn't bothered by SYNC's dip, because it is in no rush to sell."

    But sell NIA did.

    July, 17, 2012 Tuesday
    The Pump
    SYNC Breaking News And Ready For Huge Breakout! "
    " Disclaimer: NIA currently owns 507,904 shares of SYNC. NIA intends to sell "

    And then NIA began their sell off.

    July 20, 2012 Friday
    The Dump
    97, 514 shares dumped under this headline:
    SYNC Is Now The Biggest Opportunity Of Our Lives!
    " Disclaimer: NIA currently owns 410,390 shares of SYNC. NIA intends to sell"

    July 22, 2012 Sunday
    Begin-round two of a 2nd Pump.
    The Buy Back at a " ridiculously low price "-
    quote by NIA

    SYNC could make it's Biggest One Week Gains Ever!
    " Disclaimer: NIA currently owns 413,590 shares of SYNC. NIA intends to sell "

    July 23, 2012
    The Buy Back of devalued stock continues in the 2nd Pump cycle
    Looks Unbelievably Strong, New Highs Coming!
    " Disclaimer: NIA currently owns 418,090 shares of SYNC. NIA intends to sell "

    July 24, 2012
    NIA continues to quietly man the Pump
    Set to Soar After 2nd Q Results
    ( that's what Pumping does )
    "Disclaimer: NIA currently owns 418,390 shares of SYNC. NIA intends to sell "

    July 26, 2012
    Huge SYNC Update!
    " Disclaimer: NIA currently owns 446,254 shares of SYNC. NIA intends to sell these shares"

    What the Crystal Ball says about NIA's predictions, and their newsletter language is clearly predictions.
    " SYNC will..." complete w/ timing:

    NIA will continue to buy back at the deliberately depressed ps price and not at the free market price, until NIA has regained it's pre-Dump position.

    Then having bought slightly higher each day, for this 2nd Pump, NIA will, if there are enough new investors " following the Olympics " as NIA has repeatedly touted would occur, NIA may allow a free market under it's possibly controlling stock, and then Dump a very sizable portion a 2nd time and take their winnings.