Monday, November 1, 2010

London School of Economics Denies It’s Going Private

NYT reports:

The London School of Economics has denied reports that the university is considering “going private” in response to the coalition government’s plans to cut its contribution to university teaching budgets by as much as 40 percent, Reuters reports.

“It’s not true,” Adrian Hall, the school’s secretary, said in a statement circulated to students.

And Sir Howard Davis, the school’s director, said in a separate statement, “I have so far seen no arguments which convince me that the school and its students would be better off as a result of going private.”

His remarks came in the aftermath of claims by the L.S.E. student newspaper, The Beaver, repeated in The Guardian newspaper, that the school, which like almost all British universities is largely dependent on government financing, was developing plans to become a private nonprofit institution along the lines of elite American universities.

The University of Buckingham and BPP University, a subsidiary of the Arizona-based Apollo Group, are the only private universities in Britain.

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