Saturday, November 27, 2010

Exposed: National Inflation Association

Just came across this shocking video expose of the National Inflation Association. According to this video, NIA is using the current crisis economy to lure in investors. Investors leave their email with NIA and are soon touted stocks with very questionable prospects.


  1. There is some good documentary on YouTube worth evaluating.
    Apparently a penny stock scheme, however, I am on their list and have not received any information regarding stocks. This means nothing either way, of course, because charges of stock manipulation have been supported and corroborated by multiple sources.

    Kudos for digging. If this is a scam, people should know.

  2. Nice, I was wondering what their angle was...thanks to you, now I know!

  3. Yes, I confess they duped me into bumping up the views on their "The Day the Dollar Died," by making a really sweet video that I wanted to share with others.

  4. I have to say, I never feel like I've been "pushed" to sign up for anything or buy any stocks with NIA materials.

    Lebed sounds pretty shady, and its good you are exposing him, but it doesn't somehow invalidate everything he currently does/says/touts. If that were the case, e.g., Henry Blodget wouldn't be worth following (but I think he definitely is).

    As for "pumping and dumping", none of this is really different from any newsletter/recommendation outlet... and resources juniors are inherently risky. One should never go by a single research outlet, and if you can't bring yourself to do the homework, DON'T BUY JUNIORS.

    The Fox Business "BUSTED" segment was so hypocritical as to be silly. Wow, *Fox* is telling us "why do something wrong and disclaim you are doing something wrong"...


    (and especially the mainstream financial media)

    The whole tone of this post is sadly naive. The general rule in the stock market is: caveat emptor. It is inherently a place where the "house" wins. Be very careful or you're better off in an real casino.