Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A New Kochanack on the Tree

Washington Post columnist, Steven Pearlstein, will join the faculty of Fairfax's George Mason University as Clarence J. Robinson Professor of Public And International Affairs starting in fall 2011.

Pearlstein will teach classes on economics, public affairs, and the media. He will also continue his propaganda role at WaPo.

S.M. Olivia emails:
Pearlstein is a regulatory apologist. He's the first line of media defense whenever anyone dares to criticize the FTC, FCC, etc. He even does their dirty work. I got into a tiff some years back over a hospital merger. Pearlstein was writing blatant propaganda for the FTC, to the point where he was withholding material facts that would've discredited the FTC's case. I called him out on it over email, and he actually copped to withholding facts, but said it was for the greater good.

I think this puts to rest any notion of GMU as a bastion of pro-free-market thought.

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