Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Opt Outters Now Deemed as "Domestic Extremists"

Extremely troubling if true. Details here.



  1. What does not make sense to me is that the TSA gives us the option to "Opt-out". So how is opting out breaking standard TSA protocol? JN appears to be confused about her own security protocols.

    If I choose a pat-down as opposed to an that not opting out?

    So is Congressman Ron Paul a "Domestic Extremist"??


  2. So is Congressman Ron Paul a "Domestic Extremist"??

    According to the SPLC, yes.

    Was there some Blogger talking about Nazi Germany yesterday ?
    I believe he received some blowback for his comments.
    What you say now blowbackers ?

  3. The invasion of privacy is extreme. Having 150,999,999 air travelers prove they aren't terrorists by irradiation or genital manipulation is extreme.