Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paging Paul Krugman 6: Starbucks Coffee Prices Up Big, Overnight

Jim Meers emails:

In Boise, Idaho, the price for a cup vente brew coffee at Starbucks is up this morning  by 7.5%  from $2.12 yesterday to $2.28 today.
Update: He further writes:
All coffee products were increased, but I only know the increase for brewed coffee.


  1. Taco Bell in Columbus, OH has raised it's Taco Supreme prices from $1.49 to $1.79 (> 25%). It was an across the menu increase.

  2. Starbucks bottled Frappacinos at the local gas station have gone from 1.99 to 2.19 in the past month.

    A Jack in the Box (in central Texas) that I frequent on a weekly basis has gone from $4.48 to $5.10 on Bacon Double Cheeseburgers. I asked the cashier about the price increase and she said all the menu items had been raised a week ago. Interestingly, she said some of the prices had increased by as much as a dollar.

    I also know my grocery bill has increased over the past year, but I haven't looked at by how much.

  3. in orange ca starbuck's medium brew coffee went to 1.95 from 1.85 yesterday

  4. Please you guys, none of these items are in the Core CPI calculation. So, it doesn't matter, there is no inflation. If coffee prices are up, substitute with hot water. In fact, deflation is the threat. All of you, Wenzel included, need to take your basic economics lessons again from the great Paul Krapman...oops, that's Krugman.