Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Picture of the FBI Raid in Boston

There's just something very odd about this picture taken in Boston outside the offices of Loch Capital, which the FBI raided yesterday. These women are apparently some type of government employees. (Photo via WSJ)


  1. Bob –

    I assume you’re inferring it’s odd because of the casual dress. It’s a juxtaposition for sure, given the perceived significance (that’s a whole’nuther story) of the raid.

    But are now guilty of damned if you do, damned if you don’t? If the employees had shown up in uniforms, would you have painted them with the jack-booted thugs brush???

  2. Actually, it's not the dress at all. It makes complete sense to dress casually if you are going to be handling cartons of papers.

    What's odd is that you think of FBI raids as FBI agents hauling out "evidence". With all due respect to these gals, they look like secretaries or if they are agents, they have been with the FBI for a very short period of time. And the gals kind of have an odd look out the door, where I'm guessing they are looking for a loading truck.

    It's just very odd relative to any other pics I have seen of evidence being hauled off in any other case. Nothing to do with the way they are dressed at all.

    In my view, the entire investigation remains a show investigation, even if if the gals didn't show up in bikinis and give the traders lap dances.

  3. They are most probably temps.

    I took part, as a temp, in a raid on an S&L lo those many crisis ago.

    And temps because ...

    Probably because they have been un/under-employed for many months.

    Stimulus in action one more time!

    'Box Ready' work!