Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Pilot Explains Why TSA Is Nothing More Than an Off-Broadway Show

Bottom Line: While TSA insists on cancer causing radiation or, alternatively, a groin-check, for passengers, there are thousands throughout the country with access to planes who are rarely checked.

Here's pilot Patrick Smith on the absurd TSA:
What makes it ludicrous is that tens of thousands of other airport workers, from baggage loaders and fuelers to cabin cleaners and maintenance personnel, are subject only to occasional random screenings when they come to work. These are individuals with full access to aircraft, inside and out. Some are airline employees, though a high percentage are contract staff belonging to outside companies. The fact that crew members, many of whom are former military flyers, and all of whom endured rigorous background checks prior to being hired, are required to take out their laptops and surrender their hobby knives, while a caterer or cabin cleaner sidesteps the entire process and walks onto a plane unimpeded, nullifies almost everything we’ve been told since September 11th, 2001. If there is a more ringing let-me-get-this-straight scenario anywhere in the realm of airport security, I’d like to hear it.
It's time to abolish this very bizarre Off-Broadway show, known as TSA, and turn airline security over to airlines, who have incentive to prevent terrorist attacks, but have no incentive to run a low grade S and M show with passengers as unwilling participants.


  1. NJ legislators plan to petition Congress to review the TSA's policy of feeling up airline passengers.

    From NJ.com:

    "Legislators will introduce resolutions in the Senate and Assembly calling on Congress to review the TSA's full-body scanner program and enhanced pat-downs imposed on passengers who opt not to be scanned."

    I'm cautiously optimistic.

  2. Americans are building radiation scaner while China is building High-Speed-Rail every where. What a shame!

  3. You know it's already too late. GWB has already done the most damage to the country of any terrorist that has ever lived. The "Patriot Act", the "TSA" and "Homeland Security" are nothing more than justifications for the taking over and controlling of the American people by IT'S government. The freaking "genie" is out of the bottle and nothing or no one will ever stuff that Constitutionally revoking monster back into it's place. This is was and will always be the worst terrorist plot to ever be executed against the American people. And no one is doing anything about it!! Chances are real good, now, with all the government spying on it's own people that I will shortly be detained and imprisoned for speaking the truth in my own freaking country. "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" my totalitarian government fried azz!!!