Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rand Paul: Cut Military Spending

During the election race, many feared that Rand Paul may be too close to neo-conservatives. The first indication that this view may be way off came in an interview today on This Week with Christiane Amanpour. He told Amanpour that cuts to the military should occur. Below is the interview.


  1. Rand Paul says the sacred Constitution "says" that national defense is a priority. Is that phrase in the Constitution? Does the Constitution specifically "prioritize" national defense in any way?

    Did the good #2 Dr. just blaspheme the Holy Writ of these United States?

    Someone find me some supporting citations, STAT!

    Btw, anyone as enthralled by military worship as Rand Paul is is ultimately no true friend of liberty "War is the health of the State"). These "brave men and women" he believes in are out there wantonly violating the individual rights of foreigners, every single day "because my commander told me to" and all while being paid with money forcefully extracted from other individuals whose rights have been violated here in the good ol' US of A. And all Rand Paul can think to do is ask that we be thankful and respectful of their sacrifice. Shuffle some more money in their pockets. Have a "dialog" while Rand Paul thinks about this issue some more (gee, he isn't sure about something so simple as "Should the US military be systematically raping and pillaging a foreign country and governing it through thinly veiled military dictatorship?" but nonetheless he was SURE he was the man to come to Washington and fix all the problems he isn't so sure about, what a goofball).

    Piss OFF! This guy is phony. I give him... 6mos before some major scandal for libertarians is revealed. Meanwhile, he's got the patented Politician Shuck-and-Jive nailed, almost like he's a natural.

    Rand Paul: Big Phony, Soon-To-Be Big Disappointment

  2. A politician's rhetoric is one thing, and a politician's actions are another.

    While sometimes, these things can match up, it is very rare. You can count on one hand all the times in the history of the US government it has happened; Grover Cleveland and Ron Paul.

    Until I see different, I have no faith in anything Rand will do.