Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ron Paul Let's It Rip

Congressman Ron Paul explains to Congress what should be obvious about the grope ups and radar scans.


  1. Great video. I noted that Ron Paul stated that "private property should be protected by private individuals, not bureaucrats."

    I wholeheartedly agree! I just wonder why Ron Paul is in favor of the government supplying private property owners with police bureaucrats and military bureaucrats to police and protect their private property generally, even though he is against the government supplying TSA bureaucrats to police and protect the private property of airlines.

    I am curious, if this bill revokes sovereign immunity is Ron Paul legislating anarchy? Will I be able to hold my local, friendly IRS agent hostage as an act of self-defense after he attempts to rob me of my "tax liability"? Because I am pretty sure I don't have the ability to steal from others with impunity (or legal immunity) so I am hoping this bill will be consistent and apply to all government personnel which currently carry immunity, not just those wearing TSA badges.

    Ron Paul says the role of government is to protect our rights. All our rights are property rights (Rothbard). But the government violates property rights in the name of protecting them (taxation). How is this not confusing and hypocritical?

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  2. Since Dr. Paul mentioned Michael Chertoff: