Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Scary Future Beyond the National ID Card

Paul Huebl has done some deep thinking about the National ID card, and what may follow. Bottom line: George Orwell was an optimist. Here's Huebl (My emphasis):
It’s a plan that has the full support of confused, so-called Conservatives like Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly. The concept is to have a government issued, tamper-proof, picture ID card for every man, woman and child in America.

On its face it sounds like a great way to control immigration, entitlement and voter fraud. It will do none of those things...The government will always exempt those people living on the margins of society and exemption from the ID card requirement as they have always done.

The national ID card in just another big government program that provides a false promise of safety and security, in exchange for your hard won liberty and privacy.

What will happen is there will be a grand single database for every responsible taxpaying Americans for government agents to use and abuse. It will keep track of everyone with current photographs along with the requirement of proof of their physical address. Everyone means only those willing to comply with the ID card requirement.

I see this as ominously as the tattoos the Nazi’s required of concentration camp inmates. The government implanted micro chip can’t be far behind.

Soon enough technology will provide a way to instantly read a person’s DNA code with a hand held device. We will have to deal with that horror when it comes along.

Americans are so willing to give up a slice of privacy, freedom and liberty every time their favorite politician suggests they do so. We seem to forget how wildly popular Adolph Hitler and National Socialism was in Europe until that bad Idea cost 50 million lives including nine million Germans.

There are those amazing people that always trust their government even when they are placed in lines for extermination.

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