Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The War of the Oligarchs Is On!

Foot soldier for the Murdoch-Koch oligarchs, Glenn Beck, heaves some grenades at oligarch George Soros:


  1. George Soros is indeed a "Spoooky dooode", but perphaps not the only one. Robert - whats your take on Soros trying to wreck the USD - any chance of him beating Bernanke to it ;) ?

  2. Glenn Beck is an idiot. I am surprised to see so many videos of him on EPJ. George Soros is by no means a defensible individual on any level but the idea, as Glenn Beck puts out there, that it was George Soros who collapsed the GBP and other currencies, and not the central banks emitting those currencies like bovine creatures emit methane gas, is economically false fear-mongering.

    LOL, btw, I am all for "one global society, one without individual governments" though I can't say I am a fan of "one global gatekeeper" whatever the heck that is supposed to mean (world govt, I suppose, but who is being kept out, aliens?)

  3. @HPX

    Soros can't wreck any currency. He can follow trends and get tipped off to official devaluations, but that is about it.

    The hype about him destroying currencies sells newspapers but that is about it.

  4. Golly gee, I wonder if George Soros and his backers had anything to do with the fall of the Thatcher government and Britain joining the ERM? I mean the idea of a European Union is so antithetical to Soros' general support for independent nation states free to make decisions in the best interests of their citizens. Right? Right? I mean it's not like Soros is notorious for giving millions of dollars to support various political movements which coincide with his interests. The idea that he and his Quantum Fund backers might possibly have had something to do with Britain being in the ERM in the first place is sheer poppycock. It's not like he he's said in interviews since that he knew that sort of currency risk was coming since the fall of the Berlin Wall and planned for it. No, not at all. After all Mr. Open Society is like, totally in favor or a gold standard, non-fiat currency regime. He doesn't spend money supporting some kind of global fiat currency regime controlled and managed by a technocratic elite.

    Move along, nothing to see here...