Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ayn Rand is Spinning in Her Grave

I hope the movie, Atlas Shrugged, is a lot better prepared production then the comedy routine circling around the release date.

Never mind about checking your principles. How about starting with checking your links.

This Monday the 'Atlas Shrugged' Facebook wall had this announcement:

Atlas Shrugged The Movie HEY STRIKERS! Go to the Big Hollywood link below tomorrow (Tuesday, December 7th) at 7 pm eastern/4 pm pacific time for a major exclusive announcement!

So what happens when you go to this link after 7:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday? You get this:

Exclusive: ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Producers Announce Release Date, Cast Photo

The producers of “Atlas Shrugged” have just posted via their Facebook Fan Page the date of the USA theatrical release date. To see the release date click on over.

If you go to the page that the links direct you to, you end up on the info page of the 'Atlas Shrugged' Facebook page which has the release date as 2011. That more correctly would be a release year, then a date.

But, if you go back to wear all this started on the Facebook Wall, the release date is there: April 15. 2011.

So you basically have the links spinning you in all different directions that then lead you back to Facebook on the wrong page where the release date is not properly listed. The release date is actually on a page where there are no links directed to it, but from where, the day before, a post told you to go to another page. Got that?

On such an important news item, how can you not check the links? How can you not check to make sure the full release date is listed, where the links direct readers? How can you have the links driving surfers back and forth between two sites and not provide them with the relevant information?

If this an indication of the type of planning that went into movie, the movie will be a disaster, and will only be suited for being blown up like a Howard Roark building that wasn't built to correct specifications. Let's hope the movie better reflects Rand's sharp mind than this sad event.

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