Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bulletin: Ron Paul Will Get Chairmanship of the Monetary Subcommitte

Congressman Ron Paul told Judge Napolitano tonight on FOX Business that the incoming-chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Congressman Spencer Bachus, has verbally notified Paul that he will be named Chairman of the House Subcommittee for Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology.

Here's the tape:


  1. Wow, so he has to get approval from Boehner to call for an Audit? Bachus I could MAYBE see as agreeing to some form of an audit...but Boehner? No way.

    Sounds like that chairmanship position just lost it's

  2. Man, I am so cynical about this. Too many special interests depend on the Fed for it to be properly supervised by anyone, no matter how honest the chair is. Hacks of all stripes will come out of the woodwork to somehow and some way screw this up for Paul and anybody in the general public that wants real accountability.

  3. The real news is he was denied the Chairmanship of the main committee - which he has had the seniority for for years.

    This is just a PR stunt to make boobus think they have won. The bizarre thing is Ron Paul is going along with it.