Monday, December 6, 2010

Cowen Against Tax Cut Deal

As per usual KochanackTyler Cowen is vague about why, but he thumbs that he is against the tax cut deal:
I don't favor the new tax cut deal, but commentators are ignoring that the rich can invest and that is stimulus too.

Typical Cowen vagueness, with a nod to the supreme (rich) Kochanack, that gives him plenty of maneuverability.

As I have pointed out before, all tax cuts, if that's what they really are, are beneficial. What's really needed in addition are government spending cuts.


  1. I'm happy about the tax cuts, especially the estate tax proposals. As you said tax cuts are stimulus, but it's temporary and is not paid for with cuts in government. So the politicians did the usual thing and kicked the can down the road. The 13 month unemployment extension is charitable but not wise because it would extend it to almost 3 years, which seems excessive and counter productive.

  2. Wenzy, you're a classic Bastiatian, and that's why I love you.

  3. He's Bastiat on steroids.