Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Crash Taxes' the Latest Scam to Take Your Money (It's One the IMF Hasn't Even Thought of)

At least 50 cities in California have adopted so-called crash-tax laws allowing local governments to seek reimbursement from insurance companies for the costs of sending public emergency crews to accident scenes. The fees can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If insurers don't pay, cities can hire collection agents to seek payment from the motorists involved, reports LaTi.

And it's spreading, says LaTi:
It's gaining momentum nationwide as cash-strapped communities seek a way to offset budget cuts

This month, New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proposed charging drivers there as much as $490 when firefighters respond to an accident or a vehicle fire, beginning July 1. A public hearing is set for January.
So let me see if I understand this correctly: The government taxes in the first place for the "services" they provide, but they have blown that money, so they are going to charge you separately for the services they provide.

Bottom line: The emergency response sector seems to be another sector that should be left to the private sector seeing as individuals are paying for the responses anyway.


  1. What argument will statists be left with against free market provision of goods and services when the government makes you pay for them on-demand anyway?

  2. Leave it to government to show the way toward privatizing statist solutions.

    And for all the apologists who say such services are a public good? What say ye now?

  3. The insurance companies probably should pay. I don't understand what their problem is.

  4. The problem is who do they charge? Ok, they charge the at fault party. How do you think you would fare being an out of towner against a local in such a circumstance??