Monday, December 6, 2010

From the Former Gold Hater

I think the conversion is complete.

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  1. We should at least entertain the notion that the goldhater is being put up to his current postings by his backers. It could be something like para. 15 from
    "Their golf ball advisors, who know less than zero about gold, will make the sales pitch, and plop, plop, plop, into gold they will come. They bought nothing on the fall to 1320, and view 1424 now as some sort of magical confirmation that they knew what they were talking about, so 1424 is a “safe buy”. It’s not a “safe in size” buy point. In hindsight, it will likely be revealed as the beginning of a huge gold price chase by the world’s worst investors. It will end with a transfer of most of that gold to the banksters, after they engineer a horrific crash."