Thursday, December 2, 2010

George Soros Is Now Going to Control What You Eat

The US Senate has just passed S510, the Food "Safety" Bill. It is very likely to result in the closing of many small farms and ultimately distort what food is avaible for us to eat. It the elite prodouce, we will get it, if they don't forget about. And, oh yeah, think higher prices. Not only is inflation going to boost food prices, but the regulations resulting from S510, coupled with crony capitalism will result in price hikes on top of the inflation hikes.

Here's an important video clip from the curious Glenn Beck, exposing the George Soros connection to the Bill.

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  1. I emailed Senator Brown from Ohio my feelings about the bill, and to urge him to vote no. Here was his email (mass e-mailed) response. The organizations that support this bill scare me very much. Giving more authority is not what we should be doing for Government...:

    Dear Mr. Oles:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about S.510, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act. On November 30th, I joined with my colleagues in the Senate to pass S.510 by a vote of 73-25.

    This legislation would give the FDA new authority and resources to improve our nation’s food safety system and better protect Ohioans from preventable foodborne illness outbreaks. If signed into law, this legislation will increase the frequency of inspections in all food facilities, allow the FDA to recall dangerous food products, and establish a comprehensive traceability system to quickly and accurately trace the source of tainted food in the event of a foodborne illness outbreak.

    Improving the FDA’s ability to better ensure the safety of our nation’s food supply is a high priority for me, but ensuring that new requirements are not overly burdensome on small farms and businesses is also critical. Throughout the debate on food safety, I heard concerns from Ohioans who were worried about creating new and un-called for requirements for farmers, which is why I supported provisions in S.510 that provide special considerations for family farmers, natural resource conservation, organic farming, and local and regional food enterprises.

    Unfortunately there have been many false claims circulating about this legislation. Contrary to those claims, S.510 would not stop the production of organic food or of home gardens. Additionally, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act has received support from a variety of organizations such as the American Public Health Association, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the National Restaurant Association, the Organic Trade Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Consumers Union, and the PEW Charitable Trust.

    I appreciated hearing your views on this legislation. Thank you again for getting in touch with me.


    Sherrod Brown
    United States Senator