Friday, December 10, 2010

Government Licensing Gone Totally Mad

File this under: Complete Sheep.

The heaviest woman in the world lives in Ohio. She weighs 700 pounds. She is bedridden because of her weight and is taken care of by her husband and daughter.

She has severe headaches, and doctors fear she has a brain problem that may need urgent life-saving treatment. She needs an MRI right away to determine this, but there are no traditional MRI machines in the Ohio area that can hold up under her weight.

There is an MRI machine at the Cleveland zoo that is used for elephants and rhinos, but, get this, it does not have "a license" for humans, so that avenue is not available.

Am I wrong in thinking that holy hell should be raised for this woman? If I am anywhere near that MRI, as janitor, night watchman, a veterinarian, director of the zoo or major donor, I am going to see to it that right after that elephant over there gets his MRI that woman goes next. And if they throw me in the cell next to Julian Assange, so be it.

What the hell kind of sheep live in this country that everyone around this woman is perfectly willing to see her die because the zoo does not have a license to take her MRI?


  1. Strap a horn to her and stick her in the zoo. Problem solved.

  2. I think this woman decided to die on here own a couple hundred pounds ago.

  3. file this under natural selection....

  4. ...file this under natural selection...