Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Note to the Czechs and Poles: Don't Do It

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Czech and Polish prime ministers that she would welcome their countries into the eurozone, the Lidove Noviny reports, citing unnamed sources.

Of course, she wants Poland and the Czech Republic in the eurozone. She wants their money to help bailout the Świnie.

Reuters quotes Lidove Noviny as saying:
By inviting the two central European countries, Merkel wants to boost the position of fiscally disciplined and economically strong countries within the bloc, the paper said

And here's the kicker:
Any new country that entered the bloc would also be obliged to contribute to its aid mechanism, booting its cash reserves...
Don't do it, my Polish and Czech friends!

Germany got itself into this mess with the  Świnie on its own, let them figure their own way out, not with your money. Keep your own currencies strong and keep them your currencies, do not switch for a mad globalist plan designed far from Warsaw and Prague.

The world appears to be headed toward global crisis, with uncertain futures for the euro and the dollar. Do not enter the euro trap, you will be much more successful and strong countries by properly managing the currencies you now have.

Merkel is coming with a gift that is a bill. Ignore her.


  1. Bratislava is the capital of Slovenia, Prague the Czech.

  2. Of course, you are correct about Prague. Corrected.

    BUT Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, not Slovenia!

  3. For the love of christ, are these people all on crack? There won't be an euro to join unless they print about a gazillion of them the coming decade.

    What is it with people and falling for centralized power institutions. I mean really? Is it that important to secure a job in Brussels where you can hang tight with that dishrag von Rompouy, our own unelected fascistoid europhile power-mongerer.

    I'm freaking defecting to Antarctica.