Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Boy, Nixon on the Irish, Italians, Jews and Elitists

New Nixon tapes are out. He says the Irish can't drink. The Italians don't have their heads screwed on tight and Jews are very abrasive, aggressive and obnoxious.

Nixon also rails against Republicans being elitists and always wanting to put a "Harvard man, Yale man, Berkeley man or Stanford man" in [top positions]

WSJ has the tapes:


  1. Some real effing gems get into the White House and other high places of government.

    30 years later we learn their DNA is comprised of scum.

  2. "One of the most inriguing presidents"


    How about most openly criminal? The garbage he created is still with us today. EPA, OSHA, the drug war, loss of gold standard, the further screw up of health care with the HMO act of 1973, the CPI fiction, etc, etc, etc. The only thing he did right was resign.

  3. Gotta love Henry Kissinger's supporting role as an intensely inhumane and evil human being.

  4. I would question whether Kissinger is even human.

  5. Sounds to me like Nixon had no problem communicating his true thoughts whether we agree or not (he seems to get a few things right). Compare that with Hillary and other nice people in our government who want to assassinate Julian Assange for exposing their evil minds.