Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ominous Blizzard Protest in NYC that Will Keep Bernanke Printing Money

The New York Sanitation Department intentionally slowed the NYC blizzard clean-up in protest against budget cuts, according to NyPo.

Outgoing Gov. David Paterson called this morning for a criminal investigation into allegations that a slowdown by budget-squeezed plow operators contributed to the city’s unplowed streets, following the recent blizzard.

NyPo reported today that a group of guilt-ridden sanitation workers confessed their protest plot to City Councilman Dan Halloran. The workers were protesting recent job cuts and cutbacks, the councilman and other sources told NyPo.

Miles of roads remained unplowed as of last night.

Gov. Paterson, who lives in Harlem, said the snarl has left New Yorkers “scratching their heads” since the city handled a similar storm so well last year.

But this is a sign of a much bigger problem than clearing snow from the streets of NYC.

It is a very ominous sign for the country. Don't think this won't cause Ben Bernanke to sit up and take notice.

City budgets are in such disarray that the "IMF treatment" is one step away from being implemeted in cities and states across America, like it has in Greece, Ireland and many Third World countries. And U.S. government workers won't like it anymore here, than the Greeks or Irish overseas.

If anything is going to cause Bernanke to continue to print money, it's the fear that state and local governments won't be able to pay their bills. Such finance problems lead to cutbacks, intensifying protests and eventual riots. Bernanke pretty much knows this. He warned as much in Fed speak back in October. He is likely to continue printing, and destroy the value of the dollar so that cities and states have plenty of cheap dollars with which to pay off their huge debt burdens.


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