Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Over 20 People Will Question Rahm Emanuel Tuesday

Popcorn time in Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel is expected to spend hours testifying under oath Tuesday at a hearing on whether he can remain on the mayoral ballot. The question at hand is whether Emanuel should be considered a resident of Chicago, while he worked in Washington D.C. for the president.

If he is not considered a resident during that period by the hearing officer for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, then he will not be able to run for Mayor of the city, based on the requirment that a candidate for mayor must have lived in the city for at least the last year before the election, which will take place in February.

Emanuel is lined up as the first witness Tuesday morning, facing veteran election lawyer Burt Odelson, who is representing the lead objectors. Odelson said he has 45 minutes worth of questions and is slated to be followed by an attorney for community activist William "Dock" Walls, who is running for mayor.

From there, more than 20 other attorneys and citizen objectors acting as their own lawyers will get a chance to question Emanuel. The Chicago Tribune reports that "some of the questioning could be fairly colorful, as some of those represening themselves over the last several days have shown they are not legal experts."

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