Sunday, December 12, 2010

Roast Beef and Pinot Noir with Alan Greenspan

Earlier today, Arianna Huffington ran this pic of herself with former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The lady sure does get around. But checkout the figure to the left of her. I thought it was Alan Greenspan, but wasn't sure.

But it has been confirmed by this tweet from Piers Morgan (Morgan takes over for Larry King on CNN Jan. 2011):
Chewed the fat over roast beef and pinot noir with splendidly eclectic group incl Alan Greenspan, @Matt_Morrison and @ariannahuff

You really have to ask what does it take to be disgraced in this world amongst the political set. Greenspan drove the country, along with Bernanke, into a disastrous economic situation, and he still parties as if didn't destroy hundreds of thousands, if not millions of peoples financial lives.

A little more Pinot Noir anyone?


  1. It's not hard to find a disgraced leader raking in the green. There are lots of Katrina (Fran Townsend & Michael Chertoff), Fannie Mae (Jamie Gorelick & Tom Donilon), and NRCC leaders (Eric Cantor, Ken Spain & maybe even Chris Ward) making a handsome living.

    The powerful take care of their own.

  2. Greenspan's explanation of his role in the meltdown always reminds of that great line from Seinfeld when Jerry asks George how to beat the lie detector machine. George replies:"...just remember. It's not a lie... if you believe it".