Monday, December 13, 2010

Secret Grand Jury Meeting on Assange

A secret grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, is meeting to consider criminal charges in the WikiLeaks case, an attorney for the site's founder, Julian Assange, told the Al-Jazeera network in an interview, reports CNN.

"We have heard from Swedish authorities there has been a secretly empaneled grand jury in Alexandria. ... They are currently investigating this," Mark Stephens told Al-Jazeera's Sir David Frost on Sunday.

"I think that the Americans are much more interested in terms of the WikiLeaks aspect of this," Stephens told Al-Jazeera. He said it was his understanding that Swedish authorities have said that if Assange is extradited there, "they will defer their interest in him to the Americans. ... It does seem to me that what we have here is nothing more than a holding charge."
The United States just wants Assange detained, he said, so "ultimately they can get their mitts on him."

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