Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spitzer's Co-Host Walks Out on Him

Eliot Spitzer sure has a way with women.

NyPo has the latest:

Eliot Spitzer's TV sidekick is so fed up with playing second fiddle to the hooker-loving ex-gov that she's threatening to walk, sources told The Post yesterday.

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker actually stormed off the set of the "Parker Spitzer" show during a pre-taping a few weeks ago -- furious that her co-host is continually allowed to take charge of their nightly CNN chat-fest, the insiders said.

Although still fuming, Parker did return to wrap up the segment, they said.

But she's angry that the show's producers are allegedly doing nothing to play up her strengths on the ailing show, the sources said.


  1. Were you in a rush? I thought there was a rule that if you ran a Spitzer story, you had to include a photo?

  2. I can think of some kind of crude, Freudian psycho-sexual analysis that might be applied in this situation to explain the real dynamic occuring... and how Spritzer could solve it for her.

    But I don't subscribe to that kind of thinking, myself.

  3. Spitzer is the freak attraction.