Sunday, December 5, 2010

Will Hedge Fund Managers Put to Good Use TSA Naked Body Scanning Operations?

With the FBI calling on research analysts to wear wires, will hedge fund managers hold their most important meetings inside airport boarding areas?

A friend tells me that if he is going to have an important meeting with someone who he suspects could  potentially be wearing a wire, he is going to hop in a taxi with the person, buy two short-hop airline tickets and use the tickets as a way to go through TSA security and hold the meeting after they both go through the screening.

If the person the money manager is having a meeting with is wired, the TSA screening should set off enough alarms that the TSA might even mistake the wired guy for Osama bin Laden

Says the friend, "The TSA will never catch a terrorist with their gadgets, but they sure will pick up somebody who is wired. I knew there was some good use for these scanners. It just took me a while to figure out what."


  1. Sounds like a lot of nonsense. Walk through with a cell phone and turn on the recorder for the meeting.

  2. The point of being wired is for the person on the other end to listen in real time. I don't think a recording has the same legal standing as an agent listening to a conversation as if they were sitting at the table. While a cell phone could do this, it would be fairly obvious and the phone would need to have the mic exposed.

  3. Just goes to show ya:
    There's a market for everything. In this case, an additional market.