Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blankfein, Balmer to Meet w/Prez and Hu

Before the corporate sit-down.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein will be among the corporate elite Preident Obama is bringing together today for a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Bloomberg is reporting.

Also invited to the meeting were:

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney

Westinghouse Electric Corp. CEO Aris Candris

Former Sybase Inc. chief executive John Chen

Coca-Cola Co. chief executive Muhtar Kent

DuPont Co. CEO Ellen J. Kullman

Cargill Inc. CEO Greg Page
Chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc’s North American division, John Thornton

Co-founder and managing director of Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein

Intel Corp. CEO, Paul Otellini

Dow Chemical Co. CEO Andrew Liveris


  1. Good to see China's favorite PEU, David Rubenstein, on the list. The Carlyle Group and China are a match made in heaven. Not long ago China supplied U.S. kids cadmium football rings through Carlyle's Oriental Trading. Buyer beware is back in spades.

  2. Welcome to global Corporatism/Fascism...There is no longer civil society anywhere on Earth.

  3. Spooky and revealing picture.

    The politicos are on display with all manner of pomp and flagery, but we're kept from them by rings of armed soldiers, as if they are what is really being defended.

    The 'real' owners of the country, the aforementioned corporates, are nowhere to be seen.

  4. it's good to see that the world leaders are meeting with Hu and Obama.

  5. @Anonymous 12:40 - Agreed. But no soldiers anywhere near these favored species are allowed to be armed with live weapons (no ammo). It's all show for the rest of us, to remind us that we will be shot promptly by plain clothes SS for even attempting to breach the security.