Wednesday, January 12, 2011


An EPJ reader writes:
I write market analysis for my company’s senior management and often use quotes and links from your blog. (intra-office analysis and I always credit you and your site!!)
Anyway, the past two days if I try to cut and past anything (text, web links, etc) it shuts down my Microsoft Word and I have to recover all documents. Very strange and thought I should let you know.
If there is anyone out there with programming experience that might understand what is going on, please leave a comment. Thanks!


  1. I don't have a fix but a workaround.

    Cut and paste into Notepad first, then cut and paste that into Word.

  2. Sounds like something hinky in MS Word (technical term). One quick fix is to post the content (text, links, etc.) into notepad first. This strips the "tags" and other metadata off the text. Then copy The text pasted into notepad into Word.

    This only works for text and hyperlinks. It does not fix issues with posting non text objects (images, charts, etc).

  3. The notepad method works (I use this with Blogger all the time), but so does "Paste Special", which is a function within Word. A box appears: select "Unformatted Unicode Text" or "Unformatted Text", then press "OK". Keyboard shortcut is Alt-e-s. Do not press all at once, but in sequence.

  4. Ctrl+Alt P also works