Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bofinger Calls for EU Marshall Plan

German economic adviser Peter Bofinger is calling for an EU Marshall plan to help solve EU's financial crisis. Specifically, he is calling for:

■Eurobonds that would be an instrument to prevent contagion and give indebted countries access to low rates

■A restructuring of banks that are heavily exposed to struggling countries
This is all wonderful except that the success of the Marshall Plan, itself, is a  myth.  And Bofinger's evil plan is nothing more than a plan to raise money through bonds that will be backed by the willingness of EU nations to establish "austerity" programs to squeeze and tax their citizens when the debt comes due.

In fact, the only bond the EU needs is James Bond to stop Bofinger.


  1. Nice interview on R.T. with N. Farage to give us some perspective here.!

  2. The Euros are beyond stupid sheep-they are just slaves. The Greeks are the smartest ones.