Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buffett Applauds the Bailout, Again...

 Warren Buffett gave Vanity Fair an 11-hour tour of Omaha, and an interview, reports NYT.

Buffett who made billions by buying into Goldman Sachs and GE, just before they were bailed out, took the opportunity of the interview to again applaud the bailout:
Mr. Buffett, a Democrat, also took the opportunity to defend the Bush decision to bail out the finance sector and his own Op-Ed thanking them:

“People should see that the government can do things right.” He adds, “I may not have convinced anyone, but it should mean something when I say George Bush was right!” Bush’s September 2008 declaration “If money isn’t loosened up, this sucker could go down!” Buffett calls “the 10 most immortal words in the history of economics.”
I really think it was Katherine Graham that corrupted Buffett, before he started hanging around in D.C. with her, he was buying stocks like Dairy Queen. After he started hanging with Graham, he realized he could make money by playing footsie with the government and making money that way.

Howard Buffett, Warren's father, was a paleo-conservative, and is likely spinning in his grave.

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