Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Canada Mints a Geese Gold Coin

The Geese Gold Coin is a 50 cent piece, 1/25-oz gold coin being released by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The 1/25 size is the smallest size in pure gold coins that is minted.

The Geese Gold Coin was selected in part as a tribute to Jack Miner, who founded a bird refuge in 1904 to promote the study of the migration of wild ducks and Canadian geese. He was known to his friends as, “Wild Goose Jack”.

The reverse side of the Geese gold coin is engraved with the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

1 comment:

  1. Do you have a link for this? Also, any idea when they'll be available for purchase?

    I checked Kitco and they already offer a 1/20 Maple (.9999), so it's not as big a deal as I thought originally. Still, I'm glad they're making these.