Monday, January 31, 2011

The Government Tracking of Money Expands

Conversation I just overheard at a CVS store, between two employees:
Employee 1: Since when do we have to get ID when someone purchases a money order?

Employee 2: Couple of days.

Employee 1: This can't be a new CVS policy. It must be the government. Right?

Employee 2: Right. 


  1. In my state you do not have to show an ID to get a money order. It might actually be a new CVS policy or something to do w/ the state you're in. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see this change.

  2. I had to show ID at a local gas station the other day to buy a lighter. I don't smoke and was buying it to light some candles. I'm also not under 16 (or whatever the age is) and I obviously don't look it. I just bought a lighter. $1.29 and the guy made me show ID! HA!

    Do they make you show ID at a hardware store to buy matches nowadays, too?

  3. I went to Target the other night and grabbed something we needed for the dinner my wife was cooking. Grabbed a six pack while I was there. Got carded, the flattery went away when they SCANNED my drivers license with a bar code reader.

    While I know the debit card would database the beer I thought the bar code BS was over the top. Probably for store liability and minor sales but I'll never buy beer again at Target. Toooooo big brother ish.

  4. Repeat after me: America is free, not a police state...

  5. "Do they make you show ID at a hardware store to buy matches nowadays, too?"
    Spray Paint.

    I think this might be a CVS policy.

  6. CVS would not screw with their customers like this unless they had a really good reason. They are probably protecting themselves against government tyranny. If the CEO did this just to screw with CVS customers, then said CEO probably has a MBA from an Idiot League University (Probably Harvard) and needs to be thrown out the door.

  7. When the economy tanks even good people steal. Businesses struggle and cannot afford to write off losses. And yes daGubamint might have something to do with it too.

  8. Maybe you should walk out of the store without the product if they ask you for ID. If enough people do this, maybe the tyranny would stop.