Monday, January 17, 2011

Government's Place in the Market

Oh joy. In a book coming out this February from MIT Press, Eliott Spitzer is going to tell us what government's role should be.
According to MIT Press:
Spitzer lays out the right reasons for government intervention in the market: to guarantee transparency, to overcome market failures, and to guard our core values against the market’s unfair biases such as racism. With specific proposals to serve those ends—from improving corporate governance to making firms responsible for their own risky behavior—he offers a much-needed blueprint for the proper role of government in the market. Finally, taking account of regulatory changes since the crash of 2008, he suggests how to rebuild public trust in government so real change is possible.

Since there is no role for government in the marketplace, Goverment's Place in the Market, sounds like it has problems at a very fundamental level.


  1. If Spitzer has observed racism, that's a problem of individual racists, not markets themselves. Markets are nothing more than people.

    But it's easier for creeps like Spitzer to use codewords like "regulating markets" because "regulating people by coercive dictates" doesn't sound as appealing.

  2. Spitzer is a parasitic psychopath that has no business in any business. The scumbag needs to be removed from civil society just like any rapist or mugger.