Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jim Rogers: Buy Real Assets; Inflation Is Here and It Is Going to Get Worse

Jim Rogers spoke in Chicago this week. Dan Collins was there to report on his comments. Rogers has it pretty much nailed. This from the Collins report:
Rogers added that he never saw a time when so many currencies appeared in distress and wasn’t prepared to offer an alternative currency, instead advising the attendees to invest in real assets...

When asked whether all this quantitative easing and money printing would cause inflation, Rogers responded by pointing out there already has been quite a bit of inflation in the United States and criticized the way the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates its numbers. “It should be criminal. Prices are going up except in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is here and it is going to get worse.”

And he expects the cost of money to rise at well, stating that the 30-year bull market in bonds is ending and an era of sharply rising interest rates is on the way.

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