Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving Toward a Spring of Discontent in Europe

As the Crisis of the PIIGS engulfs the euro-zone, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for a more united EU:
If the discussion is about a further package of measures, it is above all important that we develop a complete strategy that must absolutely include closer economic coordination.
The old saying goes, "Them's that has the gold make the rules." Germany doesn't have gold, but it appears to have influence over the,next best thing, the euro printing presses.

While the leadership of the PIIGS has shown a willingness to be ordered around by the Germans and their bankers, it is not as likely to sit as well with the man on the street in the PIIGS regions.
Germany is pushing for broader "anti-crisis measures" to be agreed at a summit of European Union leaders in March.

Sounds to me like the makings of a Spring of Discontent in PIIGS land.


  1. Europes best hope is massive price inflation hitting Germany. Of course, I'm talking from the perspective that it would be best if the whole eurozone project was thrown into the trashbin of history, as Nigel Farage put it.

    I am really quite frightened at the centralization efforts from Brussels, and equally frightened that no country seems to speak out. It's like no one is going to bother to care until it is to late, and we have EU taxes, EU laws (we have those already, actually), EU police, EU immigration policy, EU welfare services and EU political parties replacing national parliaments.

    You know things are bad when the staunches defenders of local governing is nationalist, anti-immigration (and sometimes racist) parties, yet this may very well be the case soon.

    It's a bloody marxist nightmare, I tell ya.

  2. The Europeans have a very parasitic/collectivist character and the PIIGS are taking advantage of their German tax slaves...Who's the fool?